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SEO company services is one of the most transparent SEO companies operating today. We aren’t interested in conducting ‘dirty’ operations which could get you penalised within weeks, but are instead committed to developing a long term win:win situations with all of our clients.

Here are just a small number of services we offer with every single package:

Keyword Research

At the heart of every good SEO campaign. In our experience without completing this step first, most SEO campaigns will be doomed to fail.

We work with you to make sure that we target keywords which bring highly targetted buying traffic to your websites.

We do extensive research using customer in-house software to discover the keywords which market leaders have found to convert best, and here we often find many gems you likely may have missed.

We send you all the keywords we deem relevant via excel sheet, and then work with you to find out which keywords are best to target within your chosen budget.

Competitor Research

The best ranking websites in your chosen market will likely have spend lots of man hours and thousands of pounds optimising their websites for high rankings.

If you could take an insiders view at their exact SEO strategies, would that be valuable to you?

Well, using custom SEO detective software, we can show you exactly where your competitors have built their backlinks, which keywords they have targetted and which keywords they deem most valuable.

If they buy adwords, we can even show you estimates of their current daily adwords spend!

Site architecture

We are always surprised at the number of clients who have spent 10s of thousands of pounds to build gorgeous websites which are absolutely useless from a SEO point of view.

In 99% of situations, clients only need make to a few simply additions to their site architecture to ensure that they are presented in a way the search engines prefer

These include:

  • Title Tag optimisation
  • Repair of broken HTML and W3c compliancy
  • Anchor text friendly inner links
  • SEO friendly site navigation
  • Installation of sitemaps
  • Removal of duplicate content

In addition to these simple changes, with larger budgets we can also design your website with a mind to flowing pagerank throughout your site efficiently.

These designs can rank your website for hundreds if not thousands of long tail keywords.

Content optimisation

Content is one of the cornerstones of search engine marketing and knowing how to optimise your content in a SEO friendly way which also maintains high readability for your visitors is a real skill, and essential when looking to rank in the top 3 positions for most competitive terms.

We offer content writing services as part of your package, and you’l be glad to know that we never sacrifice intelligibility of text for SEO, instead making sure your keywords embedded in a smart and suble manner within the context of your content.


Backlinks are still the most important part of SEO, and they are responsible for almost 75% of all high rankings. We are experts in backlink building and we craft every client a unique and logical backlink programme from quality locations which add real value to your domain authority, and ensuring superb long term rankings for your website.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can bring thousands of potential customers to your website, please phone or email one of our SEO experts today:

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