An email marketing list is probably the most valuable asset if you have a business. And whether you have a list of ten subscribers or 1000, you will always be looking for more, which is normal. However, getting a large number of subscribers who are after nothing but getting free download is not good for your business. Instead, you should aim at getting a list of subscribers who are very eager to listen to you and ready to buy your products. So, you might be wondering how you can get such subscribers, well, worry no more because the below piece has all the information you need.

Create an offer that is more compelling: This is basically the best important element for those people who would like to increase their subscribers. You can as well twist the colours of the buttons and also improve the small factors on that conversion rate. It would be very foolish for you to lack an offer that converts; this is because you will be only driving subscribers away from you. Focus on what you are offering for your customers, and you should be careful not to spam. You should be able to understand what your target customer is looking for and be able to give that to them. You can as well choose to test some of the offers and see which one works best for your customers, the one that works best is the one to go for. For example, Janetter Vince of offered her customers a free lash extension session with any permanent makeup treatment. Due to the time involved, she only extended the offer to the first 15 customers to take advantage of the deal, and was amazed to see within 4 hours of sending her offer to 150 subscribers, all places were booked. The result was 15 new bookings, of whom around a third have since returned for further lash extension touch-ups.

Consider using QR codes: Sometimes you just need to break out of the box, maybe you just need to get out of that digital world. QR is also known as quick response, and this method can be very beneficial, this is because by doing this, a lot of people will be encouraged to sign up on your email list, and they can do this even if they are offline. You can simply scan these square barcodes, and your phone will be able to pull a webpage instantly. The QR code should be placed on a physical item; you can do this by placing it on a product or sticker. If your customer scans the code, then he or she will be automatically taken to a sign-up form, a version that is mobile friendly. This is a unique method that you can use to advertise your email list, if it gets to the correct type of niche then it can work wonders for you.

You can as well opt to invite the subscribers through your other social media networks: nowadays people do not market their emails, why don’t you get out of this norm and market your email using your social media networks. You can invite the people who follow you on Facebook or Twitter to join, subscribe or join your email newsletter. The only way that you can do this right is by creating a landing page for your followers. From there, you can go ahead to post the sign-up page link.