Selling anything online can be a difficult experience. Competition is tough and there is plenty of it. And before anyone can even buy anything, they have to find you first.
While a physical store has a physical presence that is immediately seen and felt making people away from it. An online store is much more intangible. You need to create a presence. You need people to visit. You need to know the best ways to increase your website traffic.

There are two main ways of driving traffic to your website. Unpaid and Paid.

Unpaid Traffic

There are multiple ways to increase traffic to your website for free. However, they do require a bit of work.

Start A Blog

Putting a blog on your website means you can add fresh, relevant, content on a regular basis. Google loves this. It can also help establish your presence as an expert in your field.

Social Media

Create a social media account and get posting. Find other people and experts in your area and link up. Be active. Engage with people. Be consistent. Create sharable content.

By using social media you are hoping to create a ‘tribe’ or following. You can use it to position yourself as an expert in your field. The more engaged you are with the people you meet the more likely they are to remember you. The greater the chance of gaining potential customers.

On-Page and Technical SEO

On-Page SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. It relates to the content on your website. By adding the right keywords, meta titles, image alt tags, backlinks etc, you are optimizing your content for the Goggle bots that trawl through the internet.

The more optimized you are the better the chance of appearing on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You can tell from your own searching history that we tend to pick what we are looking for from the first page of the results we look at. Getting to the No1 slot of the SERPs is the goal of every website as it means you will benefit most from people’s organic search habits.

Technical SEO

The functionality of your website is key. Bad user experience may put someone off never to return. You need a website that will run equally well on pc, laptop, tablet or mobile.
While Technical SEO is certainly much harder for the novice to pick up, as compared to On-Page SEO, it is just as important. Pages not loading properly, broken links, and untidy code and scripts mean you will be penalized by Google bots and your website will rank lower.

Paid Traffic

Put simply. Ads. Here you are paying for your traffic and a paid ad will certainly get in front of people’s eyes. But having an effective ad campaign is another complicated matter. Just look at the array of advertising and marketing books out there. Making a successful ad that drives traffic and sales is a challenge in itself. You need the right ad in front of the right audience.
There are a number of advertising platforms to choose from. You can pay for ads on Facebook, Twitter, or with Google AdWords, and they do provide some advice on how to best target and implement your marketing campaign.

Improving your online presence and increasing your website traffic is a constant ongoing challenge. The intricacies of all the elements involved which can be as far-ranging as how your website runs on mobile, to Search Engine Optimization friendly content, to the tailored marketing needed across all the different social media outlets, combined with its ever-changing nature means it is a complicated venture.

What may drive traffic today may not further down the line. And while the free route can be difficult and time-consuming it may just be in your best interests to get an expert to do all the hard work for you.