Without doubt, the rise in voice search is inevitable and one you cannot afford to ignore. The advice with regards to how to optimise your site for voice search is without doubt varied. So, what actually works you might ask? Firstly, you might think that this is just another fad that will fade into the past along with padded shoulders and funk belts. So, why bother? Well, there is a lot of evidence out there pointing to the contrary. Of course, voice search is in its infancy and simply because of that, has a long way to go. However, the fact is this new ‘ability’ is taking the world by storm. Indeed, short of your mobile reading your mind this is the last phase… the final frontier, you might say.

Speech recognition has come a long way in the last twenty years. From mumbled beginnings, Stanford University now states that this system is three times faster than good ole fashioned typing. Microsoft states that the latest speech recognition technologies work with all major languages and only have a 5.1% fail rate. Google is matching up virtually step by step with Microsoft – Without doubt, the battle has begun and we can expect some major advances in the next few years.

For business voice search is a matter of giving the user what they want in a convenient and innovative way. The technology behind it boils down to computers actually understanding language as well as being able to interpret what we ‘really’ mean, and they are starting to do this with an incredible amount of accuracy. Indeed, they are already going way beyond all expectations with regards to their ability to predict.

While speech recognition is advancing so is voice search technology. Today voice search is in our phones, our homes and browsers. Smart home devices are already selling at an incredible rate – millions every year in fact. When we consider that this technology is still relatively new that’s more than impressive and it shows, without doubt, it is what the consumer wants. Now it is more important than ever to ensure your website is ranking high in the search engines.

What does this all mean for SEO?

In short, it means if you are not ranking you have a lot of work ahead. If you are already hitting the top spots there is still a lot of work to do. Bottom line, there has always been a lot of work involved with getting those top spots, now there is more. For small businesses especially, it is going to be a hard fight to get ahead. This means, the sooner you start the better and expect a long fight to the end.Organic SEO takes time as Bill Hales, owner of an independent Digital marketing company in London explains. He constantly is asked for results in 21-2 months and is at pains to explain to clients that it’s a long term strategy and there is no magic bullet to organic SEO. With the advent in the increased use of Voice Search. Local organic SEO will become ever more competitive in years to come.

However, this is the way to get real results that last. The voice search has just made that path to greatness a whole lot longer. As ever, get the basics done and then start to tackle the bigger area which is voice search – And the quicker you get the basics in place the better.